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Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, St. Albert


We are not a franchise, we are an Edmonton based family owned and operated company.
As a result of the rapid increase in population that Edmonton has and continues to experience, we elected to create a company that would dedicate its efforts to providing homeowners with a high standard of service, as well as an array of "enhanced" and "complimentary" residential real estate services.

With our own personal experiences in mind, as well as those of many of our friends, family and business acquaintances, we elected to build a business that will remain focused, dedicated and loyal to its customers, and one that will continue to strive to deliver impeccable and unmatched service.

We aim to achieve this objective by hiring, training and retaining only the best stewards (employees) for our company.

We may not be the cheapest (from an hourly rate perspective) cleaning company in town, but we do know how to clean, and we definitely know how to provide our customers with good value for their money!

While some companies may charge $10 or $20 less per hour, if they are un-organized or lack motivation or enthusiasm, a 3 hour job can easily take 6 hours. With this in mind, "the cheapest is NOT always the cheapest". Fact is; you only get what you pay for, and in some cases. it's a LOT less than what you signed up for.


Our Vision
To provide home owners with the opportunity to enhance the quality of their lives, by eliminating a variety of less than desirable and often time consuming chores and headaches that are typically associated with being a homeowner.

Our Mission
We strive to provide our customers with a positive experience through our value-based, client-centered approach. We commit to revolutionizing the Residential Real Estate Service Industry by providing a multitude of enhanced and complimentary services.

We are committed to providing our customers with superior individualized service with the goal of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships.